Emergency Room Challenges for Rosemary

Senior Health:  Emergency Room Challenges

Georgia tells Rosemary that she has been given some pain medication that made her more dizzy and tired.  The nurse tells Rosemary and Georgia that they are now waiting for the results of the x-ray, and to let her know if they need anything while they wait.  Georgia refuses more pain medication because it made her feel funny.  Now they wait.

Georgia needs to go to the bathroom.  Rosemary steps out of the room to look for Georgia’s nurse, everyone is walking so quickly and not making eye contact.  Rosemary goes back into the room.  She does not know what to do but Georgia is desperate so Rosemary goes back out of the room to find someone.  Rosemary stops a woman wearing a white coat who ends up being a doctor, the doctor states she will send someone in to help.  Rosemary goes back into the room, Georgia still has to go to the bathroom; Rosemary holds her hand to try to comfort her.  After what seems like a lifetime, a nurse comes into the room to place a catheter for Georgia so that she can go to the bathroom.  Georgia is not allowed to get out of bed.  Rosemary is sent out of the room for this procedure.  She feels uncomfortable standing in the hall and tries not to be in the way of the stretchers and the multitude of people rushing by.

Rosemary is let back into the room and the nurse rushes off.  Rosemary notices a bag hanging on the bed nearly full of urine.  Georgia makes a face about having to have a “tube put in her bladder” but she admits that she feels better.  Now they wait and Georgia dozes.

Emergency Room – What is taking so long?

Most people have visited the emergency room at least once in their lives, if not to seek care personally, then to visit someone else.  You may have wondered what is going on in there and why it seems to take so long.  Accessing emergency care can be confusing, stressful, and scary.  Here are a few things to debunk some of the mystery.

Six common misconceptions about the emergency room

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