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Computer Classes for Seniors

Rosemary finds using the computer to be quite challenging.  Sometimes the email messages she sends reach the desired person and sometimes they do not.  She is also having trouble navigating through the computer programs.  Rosemary considers signing up for a computer class so that she can catch up and keep up with not only her friend Georgia, but her granddaughters as well.  Rosemary does not feel that she can keep calling her son on the phone every time she cannot figure out how to do something with her computer.

Computer Classes for Seniors

Senior adults often feel intimidated by the latest technology that their family seemingly uses without effort.  As society becomes more and more connected and reliant on technology, it makes sense that there is more pressure on seniors to become familiar with that technology as well.  Computer classes can be very useful for the new computer user.

Classes and education seminars designed to teach seniors how to use computers are becoming easier find.  Many local high schools and community colleges often offer computer classes.  The volunteer run, non-profit organization, Senior Net ( http://www.seniornet.org ) offers classes and seminars on the fundamentals of computers, word processing, internet navigation, and email use.  Senior Net has learning centers in approximately 25 states and online classes are also available.  Classes are delivered by senior volunteers dedicated to the mantra of “seniors teaching seniors.” Membership fees of $40 are required along with a small course fee depending on the specific class desired.  Some locations even offer free question sessions for members as well as non-members, where seniors receive assistance with computer hardware and software questions.  Being able to contact family members through email, viewing photos of family and friends online, and navigating the vast World Wide Web can be a very satisfying accomplishment.


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Author: Julie L., BS, BSN, RN
Julie has worked as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room, as a clinical nursing instructor, and as a director of clinical services in home care.

Rosemary’s New Computer

Alex, Rosemary’s son, arrives at Rosemary’s house at 7 am to set up a computer so Rosemary can use the internet to keep in touch with Georgia and her daughter Nicole.  Alex tells his mother that this is actually his computer from home and now that she needs a computer, it provided the perfect opportunity to upgrade his home computer to something newer.  Rosemary asks her son how old the computer is and Alex tells his mother that it is a year old.  She attempts to protest that Alex is giving her a new computer and he cuts her off stating that computers need to be upgraded often.  Alex works with computers for a living, so Rosemary thinks that he should know.

Alex sets up the flat screen monitor, the tower computer and keyboard on a flip-out desk; then proceeds to plug everything in.  He brought a power bar for his mother as she only has two plugs in her living room.  He then sets up another box that provides wifi or wireless internet for his mother.  There is a knock at the door and it is the cable man to wire Rosemary’s house for cable internet.  Rosemary is not sure that she understands this process, but finds that it seems quite complicated.

Once Alex has finished setting up the computer, he has his mother sit down with him to teach her how to check her email.  Rosemary uses the mouse as instructed to awkwardly double click on the picture of the envelope on the screen, she is delighted to see that she already has email.  Alex helps his mother open the email message so she can read it and it is from Alex and his daughters welcoming Rosemary to email.  Alex and his daughters wrote the email last night so that Rosemary would have some instant gratification when her computer was set up.  After what seems like hours, Alex has shown his mother the basic function of the computer.  Rosemary feels that she understands the basics of email, but feels a little lost with the rest of the information.  Alex states that he can go over it all again once she gets used to things.

That even Rosemary decides that she will do some searching on the internet to look for the news as her son had shown her.  Later she decides to check her email again.  When she uses the mouse to click on the picture of the envelope that signifies her email program, she manages to inadvertently move the picture of the envelope around the screen a few times before opening it.  Rosemary finally manages to open her email and finds it empty.

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Author: Julie L., BS, BSN, RN
Julie has worked as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room, as a clinical nursing instructor, and as a director of clinical services in home care.

Rosemary Gets a Computer

The next morning is Saturday and over her solitary coffee and toast, Rosemary thinks about her friend Georgia recovering from a broken hip.  Georgia told Rosemary that she has been keeping in touch with her daughter Jillian by email.  Rosemary knows that the internet is available, but has not had much of an opportunity to use it.  Rosemary imagines that her grandchildren are using the internet when they are clicking on their gadgets.  Rosemary calls her son Alex to ask him about the internet.  Rosemary asks Alex if he uses the internet and he tells his mother that he uses it for everything.  Alex states that he can find the answer for anything on the internet even the menu for a restaurant.  Rosemary wants to know what she can use it for.  Could she talk to Georgia through the internet during her stay at Pine Cone Creek Rehabilitation Center?  Alex tells his mother that she can keep in touch with her daughter and granddaughters as well as Georgia.  They can send messages back and forth, share photos, and even trade recipes if they like.  Alex seems exceedingly excited about this and is quickly talking to his mother about all the possibilities for her if she has the internet.  Rosemary is worried about how much this will cost and how she will learn to use it.  Without asking, Alex states that he will be over in the morning with his old computer to get her started.  Rosemary is excited to keep in close touch with Georgia and feels that she is one step behind her friend who already knows how to use the internet.

Seniors, Computers, and Email

It comes as no surprise that more and more seniors are using computers to keep in touch with their families.  Although it seems that computers are much more simple than they used to be, they can be daunting to a senior who has never used this medium to communicate.  Seniors often report that they feel that they will “break” something or may do the wrong thing.

Email can be made much more simple for seniors with software such as Paw Paw Mail and Red Stamp Mail.  This software provides an interface with large icons such as “Read Mail”, “Send Mail”, and “Photos” so it is easier for the senior to see what they are looking for.  For more information see: pawpawmail.com or redstampmail.com

Remember to research thoroughly before purchasing anything online.


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Author: Julie L., BS, BSN, RN
Julie has worked as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room, as a clinical nursing instructor, and as a director of clinical services in home care.


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