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Home Care

After leaving Georgia’s house Rosemary has a lot to think about.  Georgia has asked Rosemary if she would help her a few times a week as she is having trouble getting into the tub after her hip fracture.  Rosemary is worried that she does not have enough strength to safely help Georgia into the tub, but she will help her friend anyway.

Rosemary’s son calls that evening to see how she is doing.  Rosemary tells her son that Georgia is home now and she will be going over there to help her.  Rosemary’s son does not like the idea of his mother “nursing” someone else and is worried that she will get hurt herself.  Rosemary explains that Georgia has no one else to help her.  They hang up the phone with the expectation that they will meet at her house on Saturday for lunch and discuss the idea further.

Later that night, while eating her tuna sandwich dinner, Rosemary contemplates her situation.  She feels like she has gotten herself in over her head and wonders if she needs help looking after Georgia.  Rosemary is not sure what to do.


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Author: Julie L., BS, BSN, RN
Julie has worked as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room, as a clinical nursing instructor, and as a director of clinical services in home care.

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