Health People: quality eldercare servicesDo your elderly parents need help bathing or taking medication regularly? Or do they need companionship when you’re away? Our Daily/Weekly Visits elderly assistance service is flexible and tailored to your needs. This service is delivered by our registered nursing assistants under the supervision of our RNs.

Daily/Weekly Visits can include:

  • “Rise and shine” service − Helping the client out of bed, get dressed, and get ready for the day in this 2-hour morning service
  • “Tuck in” service − Helping the client with end-of-day activities in this 2-hour evening service
  • Bath visits − Weekly visits to help the client take a shower/bath
  • Personal care – Assisting with daily living activities including basic hygiene
  • Check-in/medication – Checking on the client to ensure he or she is comfortable and safe and is taking the appropriate medication for the day
  • Errands and appointments – Taking the client to doctor appointments
  • Nighttime supervision – Sleeping over in a room in the client’s home and intervening in case the client needs help
  • Post-operative care – Providing short-term daily or 24-hour care immediately after the client is released from the hospital
  • Respite care – Giving family members a break (typically, this is four hours a day or one full day each week)
  • Assisted living care − Providing one-on-one care for seniors living in an assisted living community

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