Rosemary’s Party is Over

Independent Senior Living:  Rosemary’s Birthday Party is Over

Rosemary’s birthday party was yesterday.  She is feeling tired today and decides to take it easy.  This is fine with her as she enjoys puttering around the house and reminiscing about the party she had yesterday.  The whole family was at her home for the party and yes, there was cake.  Mr. Garrison dropped by the party to have some punch, but Jackson was off running a marathon in another city, so was not able to make it to Rosemary’s party.  Her son would no let her do anything for the party and would not hear of her serving food for the guests, even though it is her house.  She sat like a queen on the couch while everyone milled around her.  It was nice to see the grand children; it is difficult to understand what they are talking about these days.  It is all cell phones and gadgets; they hardly seem to pay attention to what is going on in the real world.  They are always bent over those cell phones clicking, tapping, and typing.

Nicole, Rosemary’s daughter, was able to fly in from Denver for the party.  That is a long way to travel for one day.  Too bad she does not live closer.  Rosemary imagines the possibility of taking the bus to visit her daughter in Denver.  She does not want to burden her, and shelves the idea for now.  It would be quite an adventure though.

Rosemary received a journal as a gift for her birthday from her granddaughters, it is pink with a cat on the front it is apparently a Hello Kitty journal.  Rosemary used to journal a little when the children were young.

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